Choose From Two Support Service Levels!

In-Person | On-Site
Tech Support

Overhead picture of people working with computers on a table.

We will set up the equipment and verify that it works correctly. We’ll begin with the equipment that you have, then we’ll fill in with what we bring.

We come to your meeting location!

We commit over 5 hours to your meeting, including setting up the registration portal, travel time, setup/teardown, and the meeting itself.

Read the details below:

Remote | Off-Site
Tech Support

Picture of one person on a laptop attending a virtual meeting.

After the first HOA meeting, you may choose to have us work remotely. You set up your equipment. We’ll dial in to monitor the meeting as it proceeds.

We will set up/monitor the registration portal, connect up to 30 minutes early, and remain through the entire meeting.

In-Person and Remote Support Services:

  • You provide the date, time, and length of the meeting, plus contact information for your President and Property Manager.
    • You may choose someone else to be the single point of contact.
  • We book the meeting and set up the registration portal. (We brand the registration page with your HOA name and logo.)
  • We create any poll questions that the Board and/or Property Manager require for the meeting.
  • We’ll assist the Board in digitizing any documents (such as the agenda) that the Board may want to present in the meeting.

In-Person Meetings

We arrive 45 minutes before the meeting starts to set up the equipment and confirm that everything is working as expected.

Remote Support Sevices

We will make ourselves comfortable – remember we are supporting the HOA meeting from our home offices!

In-Person and Remote Support Services:

30 Minutes Before The Scheduled Start

We start the meeting software. During this time any remote Board member is admitted for technical questions and chit-chat.

It’s important that no HOA business is discussed at this time. Discussion about the meeting is OK, but actual business should wait until the President calls the meeting to order!

10 Minutes Before The Scheduled Start

We admit everyone else and turn off the waiting room. Again, this is to allow everyone to get settled and exchange greetings. Behind the scenes, we turn off the waiting room.

President: Call To Order

(We start the cloud recording.)

We open with our 99-second technical introduction, then we turn the meeting over to the President.

Picture of an auditorium. Several people facing a stage with closed curtains.

During The Meeting

You attend to the business at hand. We are your technical support!

  • We monitor the microphones so that no one online interrupts the meeting with background noise from their location.
  • We monitor the video feeds, looking for inappropriate or unintended imagery (for example, someone falling asleep).
  • We monitor the chat window, and if there is something urgent then we can bring it to the attention of either the President or the Property Manager.
  • During the “Address the Board” time we will manage who is able to unmute their microphone and talk. We’ll do our best to control the chaos.

At The End Of The Meeting

We turn off the cloud recording. We teach the online audience how to save the chat window, and give them time to do so. Then we end the meeting for everyone.

Picture of someone editing a video recording.

After the meeting

We will compile and send reports such as who attended and poll results.

The raw recording will be available for download by whoever is selected (Property Manager, President, Secretary). The video will be an unedited/unabridged MP4 file.

Post-production editing services are available.

On-Site Support Pricing:


Prices are quoted individually for each HOA, but they generally start at $99 for on-site support.

Remote Support Pricing:


Remote Support is about 25% less.