Best Hybrid Meeting Policies

Single Point of Contact

We expect to work with just one individual within the organization. That person can be the President, the Property Manager, or someone designated by the Board. We assume that individual has the authority to make decisions. We want to avoid receiving conflicting instructions!

Video Recording

We will record the sessions unless we are specifically told not to do so.

There is no charge for this service, and no discount if the HOA chooses not to use it.

Admit Attendees

You need to provide a list of the people who should be admitted to the meetings. We will give officers and directors “co-host” permissions.

Close the door after the meeting starts

You will need to decide whether to admit owners that arrive late. We can re-enable the “waiting room” and approve their entry.

Muting online participants

Normally we keep everyone muted during the meeting, and disable their ability to unmute themselves. Officers and directors can speak up at any time.