This is a curated list of recommendations. We have read/reviewed each of the Amazon links provided below. You may shop there, or look for that product somewhere else!

We really like this microphone for HOA/COA meetings! The Bluetooth connection allows the microphone to be placed in the middle of the Director’s table. That location can be across the room from where the Zoom technician sits.

This microphone requires a USB cable from the Zoom laptop to the Director’s table. The connection is more reliable and does not rely on a battery.

Participants joining a meeting from home may want to use this lavalier microphone that clips to their shirt or collar. We use these for one-on-one meetings, where everyone is at home.

We really like the mobility that a wireless microphone provides. These products offer a variety of configurations. (We haven’t used any of these, yet, so please tell us about your experience!)