What do you need to create a virtual meeting, and who provides what?

Basically, we expect the meeting room to provide AC power, a connection to the Internet, and suitable lighting. We can supply the rest!

If you already have the equipment, then we will fill in what you’re missing.


The microphone that monitors the meeting room is really, really important! We recommend an omnidirectional conference microphone on the directors’ meeting table.

If someone in the back of the room asks a question, then someone at the table may have to repeat it for the benefit of the online participants.


The meeting room should have a good sound system that allows in-room people to clearly hear the online participants.

This can be done with a wired, or a Bluetooth speaker system. Sometimes the TV sound is piped through the PA system.


The meeting should have a large display, such as a TV or projector.

This permits the directors and other people in the room to see participants who join online.

The President and board members can use the display to share documents with attendees.


  • We will provide a webcam and tripod
  • Lighting is usually not a problem
  • The HOA Directors can use the cameras built into their laptops


We will, of course, bring a laptop for our part of the virtual meeting.

Picture of a laptop on a round table

The HOA Directors and Property Manager will need their own automation tools.

Cables & Parts

We will need AC power. We bring an extension cord, USB, HDMI, and speaker extension cables.

You will need to provide a connection to the Internet. Wi-Fi is acceptable, but we really prefer to connect with a cable. (Ask!)