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The Rise of the Hybrid Meeting

Hybrid conferences aren’t new, but the urgency to retool meetings due to COVID-19 has made many event planners anxious about making a pivot. A survey of meeting planners conducted in July by the firm etc. venues found that 73 percent of respondents were planning a hybrid event in 2020.
Their top concerns were widely distributed: Largest Barrier to Choosing a Hybrid Event
19% Lack of experience
17% Cost
17% Risk of failure
17% Perceptions of low attendance
16% Confusion with technology
15% Getting stakeholder buy-in

2020 Association Meetings: A Look at What Really Happened

“…Describing its 2020 Statistics Study as “analyzing an exceptional and transformational year,” the International Congress and Convention Association published that report in mid-June, releasing some eye-popping numbers that detail the enormous effect the Covid pandemic had on association meetings around the world last year…”

Condo Hybrid Meetings

From August 2020: “Over the past few weeks there has been lots of discussion among board members and condo managers about getting ready to hold “hybrid” meetings. But when you ask what exactly is a hybrid meeting, the answer usually is ‘a virtual meeting and an in-person meeting.'”

Remote Meetings:
Must Your Condo/HOA Go Back to Meeting In Person?

“Kids around the world have voiced a common refrain: ‘Do we have to?’

“Today, many condo and HOA board members may be asking the same question about face-to-face condo/HOA meetings after recognizing that there are noticeable plusses when it comes to remote meetings…”

Florida Legislature Approves Electronic Voting for HOAs/COAs

“Private Ballots” could apply to the Annual Meeting for members and/or owners! This will depend on the by-laws.