These are some of the videos that I watched to help build the best practices of blended/hybrid virtual meetings. If you find a video that you recommend we add to this page, please submit it with the contact form below.

Where we fit:


Combining Virtual and In-Person Meetings

  • Suggestions from the video
  • Appoint a Zoom Goddess or Zoom Czar.
  • The leader of the meeting sets expectations or ground rules
  • Start each meeting with physical activity or stretching. 
  • Prepare an agenda in advance.
  • Have a standard zoom virtual background. (One solution is to take a picture of your meeting room and use that as everyone’s virtual background, so it feels like everyone is in the same room.)
  • Tolerate interferences

How to View Zoom Meetings on TV

Training, by Rotary Club

  • Suggestions from the videos
  • Audio is important
  • Consistent location
  • 3rd-party USB Microphone
  • Equipment setup

Training, by SCORE

This workshop test was recorded in August 2020. It is using a webcam set at 720dpi and rendered at 1920×1080. The audio is horrible but can be corrected with a lav mic and transmitter.

Hybrid meeting with Zoom: How To Set Up Your Room

Zoom Setup for
Hybrid Meetings

  • Notes:
  • Lavalier microphone
  • Smartphone tripod
  • Android phone
  • Canon EOS M50 Mark II camera (not shown but mentioned)
  • Laptop
  • Mic stand
  • Bluetooth speaker:

2021 HYBRID Society Meetings

Hybrid Society Meetings

This is a collection of videos from “Dear Myrtle.” She runs a live Facebook event. Each video plays for around 15 minutes and covers a different topic.

The lessons learned from “Myrtle” can be applied to your HOA meeting.