Hybrid is the New Normal

A homeowner’s association elects their board of directors. The Board meets once a month, or once a quarter.

These HOA Board meetings were held in person until the COVID lockdown of 2020. For the rest of that year and the first half of the following year, the HOA Board meetings were held over the Internet.

There is no going back. While some people want to return to face-to-face meetings, others now prefer the convenience of Internet meetings. Plus, the threat of another lock-down looms in the back of everyone’s minds.

Now is the time to plan for blended “hybrid” HOA meetings that combine both online and in-person attendance!

Photograph of an empty board room with the lights off.
A table with laptops and people obviously in a meeting.

Who Does What?

The association’s Board of Directors needs to focus on the business at hand. It’s their meeting after all.

The Property Manager needs to support the board! The Property Manager has additional experience and resources.

The Owners need to watch the meeting and be able to talk to the board. Owners have an interest in what’s going on!

Now the meeting has to combine an online and in-person audience! This is an entirely new environment for everyone!

We Provide the Technical Support!

Our job is to make the meeting available to everyone, both in the room and online! We focus on the mechanics of making your virtual HOA meetings successful!

Picture of a meeting with everyone watching a monitor at the end of the table.